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John Augustine is a writer and actor and director.  His anthology of short plays "Augustine's Confessions" and "Kent, Ct"  is published by 

He recently (played a neurotic divorce lawyer) opppostie Sachi Parker, with Keir Dullea And Mia Dillon in the 2010 film, All Me, All the Time.  By Susan Cinomon and Douglas Tenaglia.

Also he plays the naughty, angry Professor Paul in a new 2009 film by David Willinger and Cedric Hill, LUNATICS, LOVERS, AND ACTORS.  Playing Film festivals in New Hope, PA -- New York City, and in England Fall of 2011.   

The New York Times review of his play, PeopleSpeak.


d"John Augustine's characters cling to language like alcojolics to a martini glass.  insecure, endless verbalizing and very funny, they hope to assuage ambivalence with words; their dialogue tends less to the absurd than to a brittle epigrammatic gleam.  - THE VILLAGE VOICE  --  NEW YORK CITY

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